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"Before integrating the engagement software from NeteffectMS, we faced challenges in maintaining consistent communication with all our patients. The software's automations for reminders and patient nurturing have significantly improved our office efficiency, ensuring that no patient is overlooked in our daily operations. The real game-changer was our reactivation campaign, which not only re-engaged lost patients but also converted them into returning patients. This tool has become essential for our practice's growth. Since implementing this software 6 months ago, we've had our best month ever! I highly recommend it!"

Are you struggling with...

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Financial Challenges

Customer Data Management

Operational Efficiency

Marketing and Brand Awareness

We can help you...

Improve Customer Relations

Enhance Financial Management

Improve Data Management and Online Presence

Streamline Operations

Improve Marketing and Brand Awareness

Industries we work with

Medical Practices

Health and Fitness

Home Services

Food and Beverage


Services We Provide

Customer Reactivation - Revitalize your business by tapping into the goldmine of your existing customer base. We create personalized re-engagement campaigns to help reconnect with past customers and make them revenue generating clients.

Appointment Setting - Streamline your sales process with our intelligent appointment setting feature, designed to eliminate scheduling headaches and boost your team's productivity

Process Automation - Unleash your team's full potential with our cutting-edge process automation, designed to eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows across your organization.

Appointment Scheduling - Our system can schedule your appointments and send out reminders to ensure clients show for their appointments.

Rewards/Loyalty Programs - Turn casual buyers into devoted brand advocates with our intelligent loyalty rewards program, seamlessly integrated into our CRM system. By automatically tracking purchases, offering personalized rewards, and delivering timely incentives, our platform helps you create a compelling reason for customers to return again and again, significantly boosting customer retention rates and lifetime value.

Email/Text Campaigns - Our CRM system analyzes customer behavior and preferences to craft and send personalized, high-converting email and text communications, ensuring your brand stays top-of-mind and drives consistent revenue growth without overwhelming your marketing team.

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"After 30 years of consulting with businesses, I understand that technology is a powerful tool, but it's not the whole story. My company is dedicated to partnering with you, ensuring our CRM solution not only fits your unique business processes but also helps evolve them, unlocking your full potential and driving sustainable growth."

Pricing - CRM Solution


$497 / Month + Tax

First Month at 50% off. Just $248.50

Setup fee ($500) reduced to $250

3 month contract to start. Cancel anytime after that.


Pay for 10 months, get 2 months FREE!!

That's $4970 + tax for a full year (Regular price: $5964)

Plus we will waive the setup fee (Save up to $500)


Marketing/Ad Creation

Call to discuss cost with one of our sales people

Fee dependent on size of campaign

Does not cover Ad spend which is covered by the client


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