Boosting Revenue Through Customer Engagement


"Before integrating the patient engagement software from NeteffectMS, we faced challenges in maintaining consistent communication with all our patients. The software's automations for reminders and patient nurturing have significantly improved our office efficiency, ensuring that no patient is overlooked in our daily operations. The real game-changer was our reactivation campaign, which not only re-engaged lost patients but also converted them into returning patients. This tool has become essential for our practice's growth. Since implementing this software 6 months ago, we've had our best month ever! I highly recommend it!"

Boosting Revenue Through Customer Engagement

How We Work

By concentrating on organic growth through referral initiatives, reputation enhancement, and effective use of your existing contacts, we lay the groundwork for your business's expansion. It's crucial to have a strong base established before embarking on any marketing endeavors.

Reactivation Campaigns

We will help you create an email or text campaign to re-engage with people on your current contact list. These campaigns are rolled out slowly so that we can analyze the data we are seeing and fine tune the campaign so that you get the most for you money.

Custom Automations

To match your business's distinct demands, our developers are committed to modifying and fine-tuning processes, ensuring they serve you best.

Support Services

To keep your operations smooth, our support team is committed to promptly addressing your concerns through phone, email, or text, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

System Configuration/Onboarding

During the onboarding phase, we'll provide you with a dedicated specialist to ensure your initial setup is comprehensive, meeting all the needs for your business's growth. This ensures we get you up and running efficiently and effectively.

Business Process Consulting

Together, our team is committed to collaborating with you in devising strategies, initiating campaigns, and generating marketing concepts aimed at propelling your business forward. We're dedicated to not only enhancing your success but also to seeing you achieve greater profitability. Your triumph, both in growth and revenue, is our ultimate goal.

Why Customer Engagement Is So Important to Create a Foundation For Your Continued Growth

A typical American business will lose 15% of it's customers each year.

82% of consumers in the United States stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer service.

A 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25 - 95% increase in profits.

Loyalty program members who redeem personalized offers spend 4.5 times more annually.

56% of consumers are more likely to become repeat buyers after a personalized experience.

Our Services

We offer various ways to engage with your customers that will also meet the needs of your business.

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Organic Growth and Customer follow up

Our innovative system is designed to revolutionize the way you engage with leads and customers, making every interaction count. By integrating advanced analytics and personalized communication tools, it ensures that your engagement strategies are both effective and efficient. This approach not only nurtures potential leads through a more tailored journey but also deepens existing customer relationships, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

Loyalty / Rewards Programs

Our loyalty and reward program is crafted to create a connection between your brand and your customers, turning every transaction into an opportunity for engagement and appreciation. By offering tailored rewards that resonate with your customers' preferences and behaviors, this program not only incentivizes repeat business but also transforms your customers into enthusiastic brand advocates. The system's intelligent tracking and analytics ensure that each interaction is meaningful, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty over time.

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What plans do you offer?

We have 2 subscription plans revolving around Loyalty / Rewards and Lead / Customer Engagement. Within each of those plans you can choose to pay monthly or annually. If you choose the annual plan you will pay for only 10 months and receive 2 months for free.

Do you offer training?

Yes we have training in place. We can schedule some training over a zoom call, thru online videos or documentation we have in place that explains everything.

How long does it take to setup?

It will take 3-4 days to get the system setup. Before we start you will receive an onboarding document that list what information we need to speed up the setup time. The more complete this document is the faster we can get you up and running. You will need a phone number so that we can send out the text messages. You can choose a number from a pool of available numbers within your area code. This phone number has to be registered (A2P 10dlc) to send text from a business to a consumer. Unfortunately we don't control how long that process takes. It can be from 2 hrs. to 2 weeks.

Do you offer a trial period?

We do not offer a trial period. From our experience it usually takes 2 - 3 months to fine tune your campaigns and customer engagement to maximize your investment.

Is it easy to cancel my subscription?

If you are on the month to month plan you can cancel you subscription with a 7 day notice to us in writing. Once all outstanding bills have been settled we will download your customer list and send it to you.

What is included in the subscription price?

The monthly or annual subscription gives you access to all the features within the system. This includes the scheduling, social media integration, email and text message creation, course creation etc... The subscription does not include hosting websites and email or text messaging. Since you are charged per email or text message that is sent the amount you are charged is based on the amount you send. Your variable charges will be separate from you subscription fee.

Can I use an existing contact list?

Yes we can upload an existing contact list. This is very useful in running a reactivation campaign to engage existing customers.

Can I create my own automations?

Yes you can create your own automations. Our prebuilt automations can only be changed by our development team. We do not support any automations that you create. It is easier to just ask us to create the automation and we will handled the implementation.


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